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Melbourne Entrepreneurs' Mastermind Group

We Help Take the Stress, Fear, and Isolation Out of Your Quest to Build Your Thriving Business

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Why Join Melbourne Entrepreneurs' Mastermind Group?

After all, you already have a lot on your plate as a business owner!


When you're working in your own business it can be hard to know how you're doing compared with other business owners so it's good to have a yardstick for comparison.

Sometimes you'll be able to pat yourself on the back, on other occasions you'll get a kick in the backside and a helping hand.


New Ideas...

When it's just you and your team, the same ideas keep popping up.

Our meetings typically ask (and help) you to think, problem-solve, strategise and market at a deeper level than you are currently doing as well as letting you take an inside view of what others are doing and get informed feedback on what's working now and why.



"You are the sum of the 5 people you spend most time with." it's important to find people who also want to focus on long-term, deep-thinking business building strategies. We're looking for growth-minded people who want to be exposed to new ideas that they can borrow, tweak, and apply to their own business.


Our Purpose is...

to provide a forum for you to get feedback, clarify what you know, test ideas, discover new opportunities, build relationships...

So that you can build a dynamic and profitable business with an overflowing pipeline that ATTRACTS your ideal customers using Magnetic Marketing systems rather than pushy sales tactics.

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What Else Do I Need to Know?

Frequently Asked Questions about Melbourne Entrepreneurs' Mastermind Group

Your membership costs $600 per year (12 months from when you join). This covers the cost of room hire, insurance, and any additional group expenses. At the end of the year, any remaining funds will be donated to charity.

You can visit once to discover if this is a good fit for you, but you cannot be a serial visitor.

Of course, as a member there is no requirement for you to attend every month and life will occasionally get in the way, but because the group is focused on discussion and problem solving you will receive the greatest value by attending as often as possible.

Meetings start at 6pm with open networking followed by:

  • Business-building and marketing presentation;
  • Round-table discussion of real-world applications and problem-solving;
  • Private Mastermind Sessions can be booked with one of our expert coordinators;
  • Open Networking from 8:30pm.

The meeting ends at 9pm.

  • Business owners in all sectors who want to improve profitability, productivity, and efficiency;
  • Motivated entrepreneurs and prospective entrepreneurs;
  • Open-minded, enthusiastic, innovative and forward-thinking business owners who want to attract more leads and close more sales;
  • Business owners who realise that effective marketing is at the root of business growth and who want to stay on top of what's working now (rather than what is trendy);

WE are a not-for-profit mastermind or think-tank group...

OUR GOAL is to build our own businesses and help other members build theirs through ethical, sustainable, proven marketing and profit-generating strategies.

WE BELIEVE that in an increasingly online world, it's important to meet face-to-face. Our members travel from all over Melbourne and even from Ballarat and Yarrawonga to attend.

  • Direct selling within the group. Presentations and interactions are not designed to sell our services to one another (although you may approach other members if you are interested in learning about their services)
  • Spamming the group or our visitors. The only automatic communications you will receive are directly related to membership or attendance at the group unless you sign up to another members' individual mailing list.
  • Members who are only attending to generate referrals and direct business.


Here are the top three...

Focused Feedback

What difference would it make if next time you had a product or program to launch you could test your message on experienced marketers & copywriters from different industries and demographics who would give you honest feedback... feedback that could save you thousands of dollars in missed opportunity?

At recent meetings this has happened, and we've all learned things we can apply to our business from the presentation and round-table discussions.

Strategic Questions

When you're sitting down with a group of experienced business owners who have built thriving businesses and seen friends and competitors' businesses die, the chances are you'll get asked some tough questions that make you re-think your decisions.

Why have you chosen this strategy?

What's your end goal?

Sometimes you'll realise that you're heading in the wrong direction, sometimes you'll realise you have to stick your neck out even further... 

Ideas & Tools

Stay up-to-date with the latest trends and core marketing principles.

If you always listen to the same people, you miss out on insights that could make your business journey faster and much more fun!

Because our members spend the rest of the month in different 'pools' when we discuss problems & solutions we all draw on different strengths and we usually find approaches that enable us to 'borrow from the best' and overcome the problem.


"At every meeting I learn something new that I can apply in my business. The fact that I'm the only travel agent in the group doesn't mean that I don't get value. In fact, I probably get more value because I'm exposed to new ideas for marketing my business every month."

Simon Flower
Director, Flower Travel

Meet Your Mentors & Conveners

Sharing a total of 101+ years in business.

Debra Hilton

Marketing strategist, direct-response copywriter, list-building expert and ghost author of 20+ books including 3 New York Times bestsellers helps you attract your ideal clients and create evergreen campaigns.

See More on LinkedIn

Irene Scott

Copywriter & marketing strategist, story-crafter and engineer creates compelling messages that generate more leads, clients, and sales as well as referrals and recurring customers.

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Craig Simmonds

Australia's authority on differentiation, business growth, and marketing for trade-based businesses and service industries. A conversation with Craig can add thousands of dollars to your business.

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We're not for everyone and we don't aspire to be, so we invite you to visit our next meeting and decide if you want to be part of Melbourne Entrepreneurs' Mastermind Group



3rd March: Transforming a Humdrum Low-margin Retail Business into a Profit Power-house.

7th April: What's Holding You Back? It's Nothing You Can't Change!

4th May: Adventures in Direct Mail: How Targeted Direct Mail Creates Dream Clients

2nd June: The Ultimate Referral and Retention Tool

7th July: How to Win & Wow Customers for Life




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Why NOW is the Right Time to Build a Dynamic Business with an Overflowing Pipeline of Your Ideal Customers

... and why you can't afford to wait any longer

  • Increasing Competition
  • Fast-changing technology
  • Diminishing loyalty on every level
  • Customers feeling undervalued
  • Staff feeling frustrated and losing motivation
  • Challenge of distinguishing the effective from the trendy in marketing
  • Threat of economic slowdown and global tensions

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